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How to use interlining

Lining is often used in our daily wear of clothing, today, Huzhou three gold lining Xiaobian and you talk about the use of clothing lining.
The effect of clothing
1. Formal dress is tall and straight, rigorous, and has strong contour shaping. It is a bit heavy in fabric selection, and mostly uses wool, blended and chemical fiber fabrics. In the process of production, lining cloth is often used in large areas to thicken and shape, so as to achieve the desired modeling effect.
2. Casual wear is easy and casual. Cotton, hemp and silk products are often used in the fabric. In the process of production, the texture of materials should be kept as far as possible, such as the elegance of silk. This kind of clothing uses less interlining, most of which are used locally or not.
3. Fashion is between formal wear and casual wear, closely following the fashion trend. It not only has the formal silhouette, but also has the fashion elements of casual wear. It is flexible and free in material selection, mainly according to the designer's intention. In the process of production, the lining is often used in a small area to achieve the effect of internal stiffness and external flexibility.
How to use interlining
1. In general, non-woven lining does not need finishing. If there is yarn bending in the spinning lining, it is necessary to pull it obliquely to correct it; If the edge of the lining is too tight and there is a situation of pulling and hanging, the edge of the lining should be cut or cut off; If there is a folding part, it is necessary to use steam jet finishing, not because of the direct finishing iron.
2. When cutting interlining, because there are adhesive particles on one side of interlining, the adhesive surface should be folded inside. If the lining cloth is used in large area, the lining cloth pattern should be made first, and the small lining cloth can be cut directly with the fabric pattern, such as bag cover, collar, trip, etc.
The specific application of clothing interlining
1. The application of clothing interlining in three side Clothing
The three side structure is used in men's and women's professional wear, which has the structural characteristics of strong outline. This kind of clothing often uses the textile lining to make it stiff, and it is not easy to deform after wearing.
2. The application of clothing interlining in oblique silk dress
The emergence of oblique cutting technology is to make full use of the dynamic function and drapability of oblique silk fabric, which makes the body curve show and full of dynamic. However, it is easy to deform and affect the overall effect of the finished product in the process of production. Therefore, we often use the traction strip lining locally to shape.

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