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The function of clothing interlining and its purchase elements

  The clothing lining is a material between the clothing fabric and the lining material, which is the key part of the clothing. Therefore, fashion designers attach great importance to the choice of clothing lining.

The function of clothing lining
1. The clothing liner is beneficial to the shape, shape setting and shape keeping of the clothing;
2. The clothing liner can reflect the straightness and elasticity of the clothing;
3. It can enhance the drape feeling and comfort of the fabric;
4. It enables the specific parts of clothing to be reinforced and strengthened.
If style, fabric, accessories, etc. are the external performance of clothing, and it is the first impression or style given by a garment, then "interlining" is undoubtedly the "skeleton" of the clothing. In addition, people of different styles naturally have to have a fit for him / her physique, so the choice of clothing interlining is also a big problem.
How to choose the clothing lining
1. When choosing the clothing liner, we must know the fabric structure, fiber composition and post finishing condition, especially pay attention to the selection and bonding conditions of the fabric. In addition, we should master the color change of the fabric during high temperature pressing, and the shrinkage and shrinkage of the fabric during the bonding process.
2. According to the different parts of the surface lining, different clothing interlining is selected. Women's shirts can be made of polyethylene coated collar, which is characterized by water-resistant washing, excellent performance, and straight shape, and can be used as main lining, auxiliary lining, cuff and placket; The coat should be polyamide coated coat liner, and the suitable variety should be selected according to the thickness of men's, women's and fabrics, so as to be suitable for the use of large body, lapel, bag cover and other parts; PA or PES coated clothing interlining can be used for fashion and silk clothing. Such fabric can give the clothing light, soft and drape style characteristics.
3. Finally, it is considered whether the color of the liner matches the fabric, especially the thin Heather fabric should choose the corresponding color lining. In addition, the heat shrinkage rate of clothing lining and fabric matching, there is no big difference in requirements; The coating quality of the clothing liner is good, and the coating glue point is full, without leakage point and powder falling.

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