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Does the lining technology directly affect the level of the suit?

 The lining of a suit can be good or bad. The choice of lining depends on the overall material of the suit. If the overall material of the two kinds of suits is pure wool, the lining can be antistatic. Because the suits of Sanjin Xiaobian are all pure wool suits, in order to reduce static electricity, it is recommended to choose Sanjin lining for the suits.


    Several high-grade Interlinings commonly used in suits are as follows:

1. Pure natural semi hemp lining, most high-end customized businesses are using semi hemp lining as lining;

2. Pure natural general anesthesia lining, general anesthesia lining process is relatively rare in the market, feishen store suit set is more than 30000 yuan is general anesthesia lining material, because this lining has higher requirements of workmanship, there is no penetration needle situation;

3. Adhesive lining, which is made by assembly line and pressed up by high temperature, will blister after wearing suits for a long time. More than 95% of shopping malls are made of this kind of adhesive lining;

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