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Selection and application of adhesive lining in garment technology

 The use method of garment adhesive lining and the classification of garment adhesive lining. Nonwoven lining includes general lining and adhesive lining. Nonwoven lining used for garment can give garment shape stability, shape retention and straightness. The utility model has the advantages of simple production process, low cost, comfortable and beautiful wearing, long-lasting shape retention and good air permeability.

Nonwoven adhesive lining is widely used, which is one of the most widely used nonwovens in the field of clothing. Nonwoven adhesive lining is coated with hot melt adhesive based on nonwoven cloth, which is directly bonded with fabric during garment processing. After pressing and ironing, it can be closely combined with the fabric as a whole. It is mainly used to support the skeleton, so as to make the appearance of clothing flat and neat and stable. It can be divided into shoulder lining, chest lining, waist lining, collar lining, etc. according to its different parts at the clothing lock.
Nonwovens account for 65% ~ 70% of all kinds of garment linings. The products range from simple medium and low-grade hot melt transfer adhesive lining, powder lining, powder point lining and slurry point lining to double-point adhesive lining, low elastic lining, four-sided lining, ultra-thin fashion lining and color series nonwovens lining. Since the application of nonwoven adhesive lining in clothing, the use of adhesive instead of sewing has further stepped into the era of industrialization, improved the production efficiency of ready-made clothing and increased the diversity of clothing styles.

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