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How to choose composite fabrics commonly used in clothing?

 Clothing as people's daily necessities, the choice of composite fabrics is very important, so how to choose a fabric composite factory with OK quality? After all, there are so many complex factories now, big and small, and sometimes they can't visit the site in person. How to choose? Let's take a look at Huzhou Sanjin interlining

1¡¢ Choosing a partner depends on the experience of fabric composite manufacturers. This is important. Those with rich experience have stable quality and fast delivery time. No one can get experience reluctantly. Only after doing it for so many years can we have it! And most experienced manufacturers have a mature production process to reduce losses for demanders!
2¡¢ It depends on technology. Those with average technology will not have rich experience because they can't survive. If the composite fabric feels soft, breathable and moisture permeable, windproof, waterproof and cold proof, and other indicators can meet your requirements, then it is not bad.
To achieve the above two points, you have to ask: can you cooperate? The answer is No. It also depends on the delivery date. Fast delivery and stable quality also need to be considered. After all, the market demand does not wait. Sanjinqiao composite fabric has many years of experience, various indicators can also meet the standard, and the delivery time is fast and stable. If you are still hesitant about which company to cooperate with, maybe it can be used as a reference for you.
At present, the company has the production and technical development capacity of spunbonded, double point, pulp point, powder point, powder spreading and other non-woven fabrics and adhesive linings of the "three gold" brand, as well as the supporting production capacity of warp knitting, bleaching and weaving. It produces 70000 meters of woven and knitted linings, 20000 meters of special collar linings, 80000 meters of non-woven linings and 300000 meters of linings per year. The company has six sets of high-speed warp knitting equipment of German "Karl Meyer", one set of advanced double width powder dot and double width double dot machine, one set of single width double dot and powder dot machine, one set of warping and sizing equipment, one set of bleaching equipment, 300 double width rapier machines, 50 circular machines and 2 hot melt adhesive series production lines.
The company covers an area of 50 mu, has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, now has a total asset of 120 million yuan, and achieved sales of 130 million yuan in 2014. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the attitude of "pioneering and enterprising, striving for excellence", with the spirit of creating value and pursuing excellence, and achieved leapfrog development with the advantages of market positioning, strong capital, management and talents. The company has three branches, namely lining factory, fabric factory and rubber powder factory. It has 30000 square meters of office buildings and workshops and 216 employees, including 30 managers and 40 professional technicians. In 2017, the company specially dispatched personnel to Vietnam to establish a long-term office, laying a good foundation for expanding business in Southeast Asia in the future. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 international system certification and Oeko tex Standard 100 international certification of ecological textiles.

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