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Sanjin company held safety fire drill

 In order to make employees understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, enhance their safety awareness and improve their fire safety emergency response ability. On the afternoon of April 20, Sanjin company held a "fire safety emergency drill" in Plant No. 2.

Before the drill, all employees received fire safety knowledge training, from the popularization of the four abilities of fire safety, how to correctly call 119 for help in case of fire, to the structure, operation principle and correct use method of fire equipment, as well as the emergency disposal plan at the fire scene, which were explained and demonstrated one by one with real cases.
At 15 p.m., the drill simulated the situation of burning with black smoke caused by littering cigarette butts on combustibles. When the employees see the fire, they shall immediately inform the leaders and immediately start the emergency disposal plan on the fire scene, call "119" at the same time, and organize some personnel to control the fire. The rest shall immediately cover their mouth and nose, bend down and crawl through the safety passage for emergency evacuation and escape In less than 10 minutes, all personnel were evacuated to a safe area, and the emergency fire safety emergency drill was a complete success.
This fire drill not only enhanced the fire awareness of employees, but also further improved the ability of employees to deal with emergencies, and added a protective wall and umbrella for unforeseen sudden disasters and accidents in the future.

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